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NORTHERN PROCESS SYSTEMS represents Pearce, National Pump Company, and many others.  NPS sells new and used pumps for all your needs.  We have Centrifigal pumps for Fresh Water supply, Slurry pumps, Booster Pumps, as well as Dredge applications.  Whether you need Vertical, Turbine, Submersible, Dredge, or any other pump type;  we have it or can get it.

Booster Pumps

If your system needs to increase waterflow from your lake, pond, or other water source, NPS can supply and install a Booster Pump to your plumbing system.  Booster Pumps also allow you to keep your pumping pressure stabilized when transporting water or slurry over long distances.  Northern Process Systems offers Electric or Diesel,  Skid mounted and Floating Booster Pumps to work with Dredge feeds.  

Skid Mounted BoosterSkid Mounted Booster

Floating BoosterFloating Booster

Water Pumps

Northern Process Systems can supply Vertical Turbine Pumps, Floats, and Walkways for pumping freshwater for your needs.  Vertical Turbine Pumps can be used to feed freshwater to screen manifolds for washing, a separation/sizing plant, pit dewatering, or any other application that requires the movement of freshwater.

Fixed PlatformFixed Platform

Floating TurbineFloating Platform

Pump FloatPump Float & Walkway

Slurry Pumps

NPS provides both Rubber Lined and High Chrome slurry pumps for feeding sand plants, cyclones,and waste water.  Northern Process Systems also offers Vertical slurry pumps to accomodate below ground type sumps.

Rubber Lined SlurryRubber Lined

Vertical 10inVertical Below Ground

Plant FeedPlant Feed

Pump Parts and Components

NPS can also provide parts and components to repair and update your equipment.

  • Impellers

  • Expellers

  • Suction Liners

  • Casing liners

  • Lantern Rings

  • Gland Packing

  • Shafts

  • Expeller Casings

  • Stuffing Box Housing

  • And Much More…