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Complete Dredge Systems

Dredge Systems

An NPS “Complete Dredge System” would entail all that is required to get your material from Pit to Plant.  Starting with a Suction Dredge for extracting  your material  and pumping to your plant.  NPS will design and provide the proper system of Dredges, Booster Pumps,  Dewatering Bucketwheel,  and ultimately to your manufacturing plant.  Northern Process System will advise and install the proper pumps and plumbing to transport your product.  Whether you need a complete system or any of the components necessary to get materials to where they need to be, Northern Process System can help you out.



From Pit to Plant NORTHERN PROCESS SYSTEMS works with CUSTOM DREDGE WORKS to provide Dredges to fit each customers needs.  We will consult with each customer to determine what Dredge style will work best to mine your desired material.  These Dredges are custom built to the requirements of the customer based on material size, depth requirements, tons per hour, etc.  Northern Process Systems sells and consults on a wide variety of Suction Dredge styles including Rotary Cutterhead Dredges, Chain Ladder Dredges, and others.  Contact us and we can help to guide your business in the right direction.

Northern Process Systems can help to choose what Dredge power options would work best to meet your needs.  NPS can supply electric, natural gas, or Diesel powered Dredges.

ElectricElectric Dredge

Natural GasNatural Gas Dredge

DieselDiesel Dredge


NPS Represents Cornerstone Industries which manufactures the following equipment:

  • Dredgemaster Production Valve  – Optimizes dredge production and minimizes the chance of plugging pipe line.  The system monitors pump discharge pressure, vacuum, and pipe velocity – to keep proper % solids for highest production and to maintain velocity in order to prevent pipeline from plugging.

  • Throttle Master System to maintain proper inlet pressure on booster pumps

  • Density Meter to measure tons per hour on dredges

Production valveDredgemaster Production Valve

Parts and Components

NPS can also provide parts and components to repair and update your equipment.

Northern Process Systems can also supply Major components for your Dredges such as Work Boats and Fuel Barges.

  • CutterHeads and replacement Teeth

  • Gearboxes

  • Hydraulic Components

  • Pump Parts

  • Cutterchain of Various Pitch sizes

  • Liners

  • Discharge and Suction Hoses

  • Discharge Elbows

  • Snatch Blocks and Sheaves

  • Bearings

  • Pump Stations

  • Torque Tubes

  • Controls

  • Electric Motors

  • Winches and Winch Parts

  • and much more..

Bucket WheelsBooster Pumps

For assisting the movement of your material over long distances between the dredge and the plant.

Booster Pumps

Bucket WheelsBucket Wheels

For a drier material delivered to your plant a Dewatering Bucket Wheel may be what you need.

Bucket Wheels