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Blue Dredge


NORTHERN PROCESS SYSTEMS working with our partners at Classification & Flotation Systems, can design new or upgrade existing Aggregate Plants.   We can consult with our clients to determine the best way to get the end results they desire.  Using our systems of Density Separators, Cyclones, and Screens we can Classify and Separate whatever aggregate product you are working with.

CFS Density Separator systems have been used for the classification of sands for; Concrete Sand, Frac Sand, Mason Sand, Block Sand, Filter Sand, Golf Course Sand, etc., or what ever mixture you desire.  NPS and CFS Systems specialize in the removal of Lignite and other Lightweight materials (Mineral and Organic) as well as systems for Recovery of the fine materials lost in your process.

CFS offers Sand Classification Systems that use Density Separators to classify sand for these products:

  • Concrete Sand (with or without lignite removal system)

  • Asphalt Sand

  • Mason Sand

  • Golf Course Sand

  • Filter Sand

  • Block Sand

  • Frac Sand

Classified Sand

CFS System

The CFS System

The CFS System can produce a concrete sand out of sand that once had Lignite (Coal) in the deposit by floating out the Lignite via Density Separation. Additionally, the system removes other unwanted light weights and organic matter.

CFS SystemThe CFS System

Density Separator

The Density Separator will maintain a very tight Fineness Module (FM).

CFS Cyclone

CFS manufactures Urethane Lined Cyclones which are utilized in the sand classification process.

Dewatering Screens

CFS utilizes Dewatering Screens which produce a significantly drier product than sand screws.

Fines Recovery

CFS offers systems for recovering fine sands from waste water before  it flows to your waste pond.

Aggregate Systems and Components

NPS with our partner Classification Flotation Sysytems (CFS) can provide Aggregate Systems and Components that will give the desired products.  Some of the system components NPS can supply are:

  • CFS Density Separators

  • Dewatering Screens

  • DSM Screens for Lignite Removal

  • Cyclones

  • Custom Designed Sumps

  • Replacement Screens for systems