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Northern Process Systems (NPS), located in Columbus, Ohio, with an office in Michigan specializes in  providing processing equipment for the aggregate industry, in sand, gravel and limestone plants.  Starting at the pit with suction dredges and booster pumps NPS can pump your raw feed directly to your plant; or by utilizing dewatering wheels NPS can dewater your product before it is conveyed to the plant.  NPS can help from the beginning process, to the final sizing and separation of the final sand product.

NPS offers:

  • Turbine Pumps for plant water required in screen manifolds for washing

  • Turbine Pumps for pit dewatering needs

  • Flotation and walkway systems for the turbine pumps

  • Slurry pumps for pumping sand slurry into classifing systems or pumping waste water

  • Conveyor Belt Scales and Metal Detectors

NPS services:

  • NPS specializes in pumping and piping  systems that are matched for proper flow rate, velocity, efficiency, and wear cost reduction

  • NPS offers Fusion Service for the pipe we sell, and for your customer’s exhisting pipe

  • NPS alsooffers Fusion Repair service and repair parts, to keep you pumping

NPS has teamed up with Classification & Flotation Systems (CFS) to provide Density Separators for sand and mineral classification to make standard products such as concrete, asphalt, and mason sands.  CFS has the ability to remove undesired lignite from sand, to produce concrete sand which would otherwise not be possible.

Dredge System

Complete Dredge Systems

NORTHERN PROCESS SYSTEMS offers Complete Dredge Systems from Pit to Plant.  Working with Custom Dredge Works NPS can design a Dredge System of Suction Dredges with controlling valves, Booster pumps, and Dewatering Bucketwheels.  Allowing you to get your product to plants of all designs.  We also supply parts for all components of the system.

Float Pump


NORTHERN PROCESS SYSTEMS, representing Pearce Pumps and National Pump Company, supplies many types of pumps and parts.  Whether you are pumping fresh water or slurry, NPS has what you need.


Piping System Design and Fusion Services

Northern Process Systems specializes in designing and construction of pumping and piping systems that are perfectly matched for your application.  NPS systems are designed to provide proper flow rate, velocity, and efficiency with the least wear cost.

We also offer a complete fusion service for new construction or repairs, as well as sales of plumbing components.

CFS Plant

Aggregate Services & Equipment

CFS Logo

With Northern Procces Systems longstanding partnership with Classification & Flotation Systems we have worked to set up pumping and piping systems for sand and aggregate plants around the country.  Whether it is screening of your product or a complete sizing and separation plant NPS and CFS can work with you.



Northern Process Systems offers parts sales for all the services we provide as well as others.  If it is pump and piping parts or Rubber and Urethane products for screening or wear protection, contact us.



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